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Man holds clock and US dollars in hand

Superman chest visible underneath business clothes

Superman chest revealed as business clothes get unbuttoned

Man holds cash with hand in pocket

Man tossing credit cards

Money in air around man

Superman looks up as he gets ready to save Metropolis

Man excited as money rains down

Man holds clock and Euros in hands

Businessman at the railyard

Man running as he tears off business cloths to be Superman

Man smiles as he holds cash up

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Man holding cash

Man counting Euros

Businessman on the phone

Businessman leaves railyard

Young business man outside

Small business owner weighs options

Young professional catching train

Business man looking tough

Businessman gets out of car

Professional in front of doors

Businessman buttons jacket

Executive stands in front of car and office building

Businessman standing and talking on the phone

Businessman walking to work

Young professional walking up

Superman shirt, hands in pockets, and looking up

Man has superman shirt under business cloths with jacket over shoulder

Business closes, small business owner takes hit

Businessman with Superman shirt offers handshake

Businessman, gives serious look wearing Superman shirt underneath

Superman shirt visible with hands in pockets

Man in suit points at camera

Businessman observes railyard

Man in suit points to someone off camera

Man in suit pointing right at camera with smile

Stressed businessman holds neck

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